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Bargandu Art is committed to producing authentic Australian Aboriginal art, aboriginal souvenirs/artifacts. Our main focus in creating traditional products such as authentic boomerangs, shields, throwing sticks, clapsticks and clubs (as well as traditional and contemporary paintings), is to educate and share our culture with the world. We hope you appreciate our art and artifacts as much as we do.

Our Aboriginal art, souvenirs/artifacts can be purchased from our online store or if you have any enquiries, we are only too happy to assist.

All Bargandu Arts products are 100% Australian Aboriginal hand made. You can be assured of authenticity when buying Aboriginal art, souvenirs/ artifacts from us.

Thank you

Bargandu Art

About Us

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Bargandu means hunting boomerang in the Gubbi Gubbi (Kabi Kabi) people’s language.

Bargandu Art is a family run business, based in the Logan City area of South East Queensland.

Craig O’Chin, his wife Mary and their children all play a role in the everyday running of the business and is 100% owned and operated by the family. 

Craig has been inspired to follow in his father’s footsteps in producing Aboriginal Artefacts such as aboriginal boomerangs, aboriginal Clapsticks, aboriginal nulla nulla’s, aboriginal shields and many more aboriginal artefacts that were fashioned from wood to create useful implements to ensure his ancestors survival and for everyday living.

It is the families desire to share this part of their culture with the world to create awareness and educate people on the ways our ancestors survived and also to display the ingenuity of their ancestors and the beauty of the timbers used.